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Welcome to Kora Tours NZ
Kia Ora! 
Our focus is to share and discover Northland with our visitors and provide a high quality of service.
Your time and quality of experience is important, so we choose to focus on small intrepid groups of travellers 6 people or less.
We offer Half day 4-6 hour Local tours or Full day 6-10 hour Navigate tours.
Each tour is unique to you and your interests, and we have the flexibility to do anything you desire. Every possible option is avaliable. Our service is a complete service.
You can select a tour from our reccomended options or create a tour of your own design.
Northland is a hidden gem. Fantastic food and wine, amazing scenery beaches and native bush scapes. Ancient forests. 
Each location has a story, carrying traditions both old and new.
Fine food, sight seeing, shopping, history and culture, art and craft
along with lots of laughs and meeting the locals.
Come and discover Northland with me. Comfort, safety and discovery with Kora Tours NZ as your guide.
Kora Tours NZ also has an Ultimate Bespoke Tour option. The  best of the best.Ultra experience.
For those who desire the very best Northland has to offer. Super Luxury, Culture & Adventure with Service.
Contact me or via our special providers to make a booking.
Michael Venner - Guide 
All driving tours use our Luxury Mercedes Benz Van
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